Our production unit is entirely vertical, that means it is also autonomus.

Your request can start with just a simple design of a business card and reach at a high quantity print order of any kind.Have no doubt that we will respond.

Our privileged location downtown can provide easy access and saves you time in comparison with other companies that are located out of the town.

You can watch your order while it is being executed,making sure that the outcome is exactly what you wanted.

Our average daily production surpasses 250.000 offset sheets and we handle all orders with consistency.

Our techniques do not burden the environment, for which we have the utmost respect.

Our philosophy is based on a low cost theory,guaranteeing for all our clients very competitive prices.


What kind of services dο you provide?

Our work is based on everything that has to do with paper.

Graphic design, montage, offset print, gold+silver  foil print, print polish, plastic elaboration, glue or wire binding , numeration on paper, various cutting forms, paper relief elaboration, spiral on book, Plastic Packaging Bag for magazines, tag technique on plastic sleeves

Can you design everything for me from scratch?

We can design your entire communication plan.

To do so , we need to have your material in electronic form(photos,texts).

Together we can talk about your needs and wishes and create what you have in mind.If you don’t have any material for us to use at all, we can design it for you.

What kind of archives do you need?

For quality printing we need all archives in pdf form (300dpi)


Margins 3mm in each side and points of cutting.

Fonts curves (Corel) or outlines (Illustrator).

How can I send the material to you?

If your archives are up to 7mb, you can e-mail it to us.

If not,you can send it through Rapidshare, yousendit or any other transfer through server you are currently using.

Also you can send a cd or USB stick by mail or courier.

Can you give us a testing sample?

To ensure how the colors are going to look like,we can give you a testing sample (in digital form).

If the sample satisfies you, we then use it in the actual offset printing to guide us through.

If you need only to check the texts and lay out,we can print for you a testing sample in simple black and white.

I dont know what kind of paper to use. Can you suggest something for me?

Papers that are used in printing are numberless. The differences between them lies between weight and texture.

– Low and medium weight coated papers with rough surface and texture are mainly used for newspaper printing, documents of invoice and books. Their color is usually white (and sometimes beige that is mostly used in literature books).

– Low and height weight gloss papers with triple coating that have a smooth surface and mild texture are suitable for magazines, promotional flyers and posters.

– Low and height velvet papers with triple coating  also have smooth surface and mild texture, but they don’t shine as gloss papers. These are mostly used in catalogs and any other kind of promotional action.

– Special papers are also used in printing, but each one is unique. For example conqueror is used in business cards (300gr). At our facilities we have all kinds of samples to show you, so you can decide which one you like best.

All papers we use are ecological and recyclable. 

How can I make my order?

Send us a fax,email or better yet call us and give us the specifications of what you need.

We will make you an offer and discuss the details, so you can decide if you want to give us an assignment.

How will i receive my order?

You can come and receive the merchandise here in our facilities.

If you do not wish to do so,we can send it to you through our own trucks (in Athens) or through a transport company (outside of Athens).

Contact with us so we can discuss your questions and find proper solutions for your needs .